Social Justice Initiatives

Social Justice Initiatives

With a focus on social justice, personal and community development, cultural awareness and advocacy, Social Justice Programs seeks to cultivate and develop an inclusive environment where students are aware of local, national and global issues and are equipped and prepared to thrive in a diverse global society.

Through numerous programs, workshops and trainings — hosted or co-sponsored by Social Justice Initiatives — students have the opportunity to enhance their academic experience while learning a little more about themselves, others and the world along the way.

Social Justice
The concept of social justice — central to the efforts of Social Justice Initiatives — is a process as well as a goal. According to Adams, Bell and Griffin in Teach for Diversity and Social Justice, Social justice envisions a “society in which the distribution of resources is equitable and all members are physically and psychologically safe and secure. We envision a society in which individuals are both self-determining and interdependent.”

The process of attaining the goal of social justice, we believe, should also be democratic and participatory, inclusive and affirming of human agency and human capabilities for working collaboratively to create change.
Social Justice Programs Co-sponsorship

Social Justice Programs may co-sponsor a registered student club and organization’s event or program if it addresses social justice or promotes cultural understanding.

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