Welcome to the Office of Student Life!

The Office of Student Life is here to encourage involvement in campus life, support student initiatives and serve as a primary liaison for students. Education happens both inside and outside the classroom and a successful college career includes social as well as intellectual development. Invest in your own success by getting involved!

Office of Student Life   |   5200 N. Lake Road   |   184 Kolligian Library   |   Merced, CA 94343   |   Phone: 209-228-5433
"Without the Office of Student Life, events would just be ideas" ~ James Hatten, Administrative Assistant in the Office of Student Life.


At the Center of It All


There are more than 160 clubs and organizations with opportunities to build confidence in abilities, practice teamwork and more. 


Customer service and community service are critical to OSL. More than 10 staff members and 20 student interns provide excellent customer service through support and encouragement. Community service occurs throughout Merced County to promote engaged citizenship and for students to give back.

Social Justice

OSL provides opportunities to explore diversity and appreciation of human differences, along with sense of self and impact on others.