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OUR VOICES - Womxn's Empowerment Webinar Series 2020 Recap

Thank you for joining us for the Spring 2020 Womxn's Empowerment Webinar Series!

If you weren't able to join us, please check out the webinar recordings and additional resources below.

This Year's Theme: OUR VOICES

MONDAY, April 13th 12:00PM PST

Womxn's Voices Matter: Discovering Your Voice in Your Leadership Journey

An Interview with Community Leader, Margo F. Souza, Former President and CEO of Turlock's Circle H Dairy Ranch, Inc.

Margo Souza

Margo Souza joined her family’s dairy farm business in 1984 when the herd of milking cows numbered 600 head. The count grew to over 1,000 milk producing cows with an equal number of replacements growing up toward their production years. In 2013, Margo completed the sale of her dairy farm and entered retirement, after a several decades as an owner/manager. She now spends her time and energy supporting and mentoring budding entrepreneurs.  She is also providing support for the Margo F. Souza Student Leadership Center at the University of California, Merced. Join us for this intimate conversation with Margo, where she will discuss her journey to leadership, experiences challenging gender role expectations in a male-dominated industry, and how we all can discover our voice along our unique journeys.

Webinar Recording:

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MONDAY, April 13th 3:00PM PST

Finding Our Individual Voices Together: Success Through Unity

Keynote Address Presented by Jess Evora, Associate Director for the Margo F. Souza Student Leadership Center

Jess Evora

We don't always vocalize our power, but we are always living our strength. We need to find our voices. We need to amplify our experiences as women in order to make others aware of our challenges, in order to comfort others who now know they are not alone in their journey. Finding our voice allows us to inspire others to do the same. Finding our voice puts a spotlight on the issues in order to find solutions.

Webinar Recording: Coming Soon!

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TUESDAY, April 14th 12:00PM PST

We Got This! Finding Our Voice as Womxn Leaders

Presented by Jess Evora, Associate Director of the Margo F. Souza Student Leadership Center

Jess Evora

First, let's be clear: There's nothing wrong with us as womxn. The system is broken. We are not broken. We are magnificent, worthy, powerful human beings. Nevertheless, the impacts of a patriarchal system do play a role in the challenges womxn face during our leadership journey. This workshop will review those challenges and provide participants with action items they can utilize right away to begin addressing these issues and succeed as powerful leaders.

Webinar Recording:

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WEDNESDAY, April 15th 2:00PM PST

"Still I Rise": Rising with Confidence to Advocate for Change

Presented by Lorene Fisher, Coordinator for Social Justice Initiatives & Identity Programs

Lorene Fisher

Guided by the transformative prose of the late Dr. Maya Angelou, this workshop will take participants on a personal journey, exploring their role and potential as an advocate for social change. Along with the provision of tangible strategies for peer-advocacy, difficult dialogue, and self-empowerment, participants will have the opportunity to learn from and share with their peers what causes, movements, and beliefs they are most passionate about.

Webinar Recording:

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FRIDAY, April 17th 12:00PM PST


Presented by Andrea Tafolla, Community Engagement Coordinator

Andrea Tafolla

Have you ever sneezed or yawned in front of a group of people and proceeded to apologize soon right after? Have you ever apologized as you were entering or exiting a doorway at the same time as someone else? Womxn apologize much more often than men. Perhaps it is a cultural thing, perhaps it comes from a patriarchal society and its expectations or perhaps we do it out of guilt or to fill an awkward silence. Whatever the reason may be, when we apologize, we are putting ourselves in the wrong and giving up some of our power. We need to stop apologizing. The only apologies that we owe are the long overdue ones to ourselves.

Webinar Recording:

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