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Companies must become a UC Merced vendor to be issued a purchase order. Here is a list of current vendors, clubs use most. Current_vendor_list.xlsx

If a business you would like to purchase something from is not a vendor, there is a procedure for setting them up in the system, as long as they are willing to take a purchase order. The vendor will fill out and submit a w-9_form.pdf.

Performers, Speakers and Facility Use Agreements

Complete a Speaker or Performer purchase request in CatLife and complete a preliminary_information_form.pdf also know as a (PIF).  Our purchasing department uses the PIF to complete the contract.

Plan ahead as these contracts take time to complete and get signatures from both parties, we need the PIF submitted at least four weeks before the performance date. We will also need the performer or speaker to complete a w-9_form.pdf.

Depending on the scope of the performer or speaker, we may have them fill out additional forms.

If you are renting a facility, get all the preliminary information filled out on the PIF and get the contract, but do not sign anything*. Bring all documents to OSL Business Center and we will forward the documents to purchasing.

*Nobody can sign any type of agreement or contract on behalf of the university other than purchasing and the contract's office.