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Mentoring Network

Mentor Biographies

Jessica Nguyen

Jessica Nguyen - Alumni/Professional Intern

Major - English Major

Year - Fourth Year

I joined this program because I was recruited by a good friend/alumni mentor. I had no idea that I would grow to love every aspect of this program. The best part of the program are the mentees and listening to their opinions on all the topics that we discuss. The impact that they have left in my life is something that I will cherish. The ability to be an active listener and gain new perspectives that my mentees have given me. LWYL helped me find my passion in mentoring and wanting to instill strong leadership skills and empowerment among the youth and community.



Nhi Le - High School Intern 

Major - Human Biology

Year - Fourth Year

I joined Lift While You Lead to help give encouragement and motivation to the students at Buhach Colony High School and Yosemite High School. Being a mentor not only do I share my experiences and insights on several topics but the students also open up my eyes with their opinions as well.  Being able to get the chance to share these experiences and insights enables us to grow as a community and that is why I really enjoy this program.  By becoming a mentor I gained leadership skills not only that, Lift While You Lead helped me gain fresh perspectives on different topics I did not see before and gave me a chance to become more open minded valuing different aspects.  ​