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Make it Count


If you are already partnering with a community agency or organization and are providing service, TELL US ABOUT IT! Please record your service hours by entering them into your personal or your group or organizations CatLife account. Let us know about the great partnership you have formed with the community! WHY?! We want to be able to celebrate all the amazing ways in which all our students are engaged with the community. YOU are making a tremendous impact, and if we can begin to gather an accurate record of all the service you do, we can share and celebrate, and open new doors! 

Community Service and Philanthropy

Civic Leadership supports and encourages participation in community service projects and philanthropy events as defined below.

Community Service
Community service addresses the immediate needs of the community through face-to-face and/or hands-on volunteering. Service hours do not include raising or donating money and typically involve doing something for someone or something else. These hours can be recorded in CatLife in either a personal or a group page. Click on service hours in the left hand menu, and then add service hours. Be sure to add a site supervisor or individuals contact who can verify your service, and take a minute to write a few words about what you did, how you felt, and what you learned! 

Philanthropic events include organizing a fundraiser for charity, particpating in another organization's fundraiser and making a donation to charity. These donations cannot be tracked in CatLife service hours, but can be documented in the Gallery section of CatLife through photos and descriptions.