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Club Accounting


All clubs collecting money can request an on-campus club account for depositing funds and purchasing items. The club will also need this account number, called a FAU, when using inter-department campus recharges. To request a club account stop by the OSL Front Desk or send an email to  

  * Unlike a bank, funds cannot be “withdrawn” from the on-campus club account.


To deposit cash or checks into your club account, you need to bring your deposit to the OSL front desk and they will complete a deposit transmittal form and verify the amount. If your club is depositing cash, two club members need to be present to take it to the cashier’s office.

All checks collected for deposit must be made payable to the “UC REGENTS.”

After depositing the funds, the cashier's office will give you two receipts, one for your records and one to bring back to OSL for your club file.


  • Create reasonable and reliable procedures for your group so there is no ambiguity regarding the responsibilities of student handling group proceeds.
  • Cash should always be counted with two people present.
  • Each group should have one designated person responsible for handling cash and checks.  That person must be responsible for reporting receipts to the club regularly or on demand.
  • Whenever possible, be prepared to give receipts for any money received.
  • Keep funds in a lock protected cash box until you are able to make a deposit.  Do not carry around group money in your wallet or backpack.
  • Deposit cash and checks by 4pm of the day collected or the next business day.
  • If you club collects large amounts of cash for dues, we will ask you to use a Intel form so payments can be made using Epay and then deposited directly into your account.


When ASUCM awards your club funds through the ASUCM budget proposals process, a Senate Bill, or the Inter-Club Council, those funds do not go into the club's account.  The funds will be spent out of ASUCM’s account on your club's behalf. If your club does not use all the funds that has been awarded, the funds will go back into the ASUCM general fund.

Club Event Insurance

Some club events require event insurance. When the club coordinator approves the event notification form, you will be informed if you need to have event insurance. Most events held on campus do not need insurance, unless the event involves the public or is on the high-risk activity matrix. The university has an insurance broker that is contracted to insure club events when needed. Currently, the UC Office of the President pays for the insurance premiums for most club events held on campus.

If you are told your club needs event insurance for your event, fill out this form Event Insurance applications and email it to or drop off at the front desk.

For off-campus events that need event insurance, your club can visit UCMmarshcampus to apply for event insurance. A club member will need to use a personal credit card to submit payment to Marsh and then can be reimbursed.

Club Email Accounts

To request a club email account, fill out a Club Email Request form and bring the form to the OSL front desk or email it to The requested email will be entered into the system. When completed you will receive and email instructing you to go to the IT Help Desk to get the password set.