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Bobcat Compass


A First-Year Student Success Initiative

What is Bobcat Compass?

Bobcat Compass is a first-year student success initiative designed to help new UC Merced students transition and integrate into the university environment, while cultivating the start of their college career with meaningful academic, social, wellness, and leadership experiences. Students engaged with Bobcat Compass will have the opportunity to participate in programs all across campus and in the Merced community to build new relationships and foster learning in and out of the classroom. Through Bobcat Compass, UC Merced students are encouraged to choose their own adventure, navigate to new destinations out of their comfort zone, and author their own story of success for how they would like to see themselves at UC Merced. While designed for first-year students, all UC Merced students can and will benefit from the events, workshops, and initiatives offered through the Bobcat Compass program. We will be creating a website soon for all things Bobcat Compass for you to learn more about how you can get involved and #WriteYourSuccessStory at the University of California, Merced.

Bobcat Compass Learning Outcomes

The main goals of the Bobcat Compass program are to provide new students with opportunities to connect and engage with the UC Merced community and to help students successfully navigate the educational system during their first year on campus and onward. Most importantly, we hope to ensure that our new Bobcats begin their academic journey on the right path, with enthusiastic support from staff and faculty, equitable access to resources, and holistic development in and out of the classroom.

As a result of participation in the Bobcat Compass program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of campus and community resources beneficial to their academic and personal development,
  • Describe their role and responsibility as a student in our campus community,
  • Articulate their personal values and motivations through reflective practices and creative exploration of identity,
  • Build meaningful relationships among peers, staff, faculty, and community members that influence a strong sense of belonging to the UC Merced community of scholars,
  • Recognize factors and decision-making that contribute to the holistic health and wellbeing of the individual and of the community,
  • Engage in civil discourse and collaboration with a diverse community of scholars, and
  • Apply their scholarship and experiences to opportunities for leadership and service.

How Can I Get Involved As a Student?

The Bobcat Compass program offers a variety of programs in each of the “Destination” categories. Any student will be able to access the Bobcat Compass monthly calendar or find an upcoming event by category here on this website soon or by picking up a printed calendar in the Office of Student Life in Granite Pass 163. You are encouraged, but not required to RSVP in advance for the programs you wish to attend. Bring a friend with you or meet some new friends while you’re there! All UC Merced students are welcome. 

Destined for Success in: Scholarship

Destined for Success in: Wellness

Destined for Success in: Leadership

Destined for Success in: Community

Destined for Success in: Personal Growth

Once you are at an event or have attended a Bobcat Compass program, don’t forget to share your experience on social media by tagging @ucmcip and @ucmosl and using the hashtags #BobcatCompass and #WriteYourSuccessStory. For every program and event you attend, you receive "CatLoot," which are points that allow you to enter into the Bobcat Compass reward program at the end of each semester to win prizes such as bookstore gift cards, iPads, blankets, grocery store gift cards, and more! Accrue more points by providing feedback and ratings after the event. Soon, you will be able to start filling up your CatLoot wallet by creating your account on the Bobcat Compass webpage. We will notify you when the webpage and it’s LinkLoot component are available and active through Campus Happenings.

How Can I Get Involved As a Staff or Faculty Member?

We encourage all UC Merced offices, divisions and student organizations who plan to host activities for first-year students to submit your programs using the Bobcat Compass Event Submission Form. All submissions will be placed in this year’s Bobcat Compass Monthly Event Calendars.

Submissions for September program is now closed and we are welcoming submissions for October programming. Please make sure to submit the Bobcat Compass Event Submission Form for programs scheduled to happen in October no later than 5 p.m. on September 20, 2019 by logging on to .

The Office of Student Life has been working very hard to plan fun and engaging educational activities for our students and we know you are hard at work to do the same. We need your help sharing and promoting all of the amazing programs happening on campus with our new students! If you would like to request hard copies of the Bobcat Compass Monthly Calendars, please email

I Have More Questions. Who Can I Contact?

For additional questions or concerns about the Bobcat Compass program, please contact Lorene Fisher at or visit us in Granite Pass 166. More information coming soon, as we get ready for our Bobcat Compass Launch Party on Thursday, September 5, 2019 from 6:00PM-9:00PM in the UC Merced Social Justice Plaza.