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Welcome to the Office of Student Life Registered Clubs and Organizations (RCOs) Registration Process. 

Welcome to CatLife

This year, the Office of Student Life is excited to introduce you to the new RCO resource and networking tool, callede CatLife.

CatLife is a resource tool for RCOs that will allow students to network, create resources, develop goals, work on projects, develop membership list, manage data, share materials, post events and use a campus wide calendar.

To register your club for the first time, your primary contact will need to create a profile and register the RCO. Once the RCO is registered, you may populate your RCO and add current members and invite them to join your RCO. To re-register your organization, go to and search for your organization and begin the registration process. Note: If you are the new primary contact (president), you can join the organization and email and we can add you as the primary contact. See CatLife Resources below for more support.

To create a new registered club or organization, a student must first create a personal profile.  Once you have logged into CatLife, select Organizations. The Register a New Organization tab is on the left. See CatLife Resources below for more support,

To register a new RCO, you will need four students, one on-campus advisor and a constitution that can be uploaded. You will also need to attend mandatory training and pay a annual registration fee of $25.

Once you have registered your RCO, all events activities and programs will need to be recorded and approved using CatLife

For questions, email or

CatLife Resources

CatLife Student Profile development log on

CatLife RCO Profile development

CatLife Re-Registration and New RCO Registration

CatLife Event Notification and Approval Request

CatLife Student User Guide provides instructions on uploading files, photos, managing list, networking, creating calander events and many more useful tools.


Start Here by using your UC Merced Single Log on

Guidelines and Procedures for purchasing, events, activities, tabling and meetings.

For a presentation about the problems and danger of hazing within clubs and organizations, click here.


Registered Clubs and Organizations must register all on and off-campus events. 

For more information on clubs and organizations proceedures and regulations, please see the 2007-2010 Interim Campus Regulations Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students.


Many useful resources are listed below:

RCO Club Training
Temporary Food Permit and Food Sales Guidelines